Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Evening and Welcome to My daily Mayhem

Hello everyone! I have been going through so many things and really needed a place to vent! I have a lot of friends, both new and old, dealing with a lot of the same issues, so I thought I would just vent away in a blog to hopefully let others know...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

I am going to do my best to post in this daily. Lord knows I need a daily venting by the time I get to this point in the day especially! Fair warning! There is no telling WHAT you are going to read about in these blogs so view at your own risk!!!

Today started off as a quite FABULOUS day!! It slowly imploded to the point I was almost in tears. Normally I would vent away, but tonight I feel like I have given todays issues enough venting "air time" and it is time to tuck them away to be forgotten. You just have to do that sometimes you know!! Dwelling on things and holding grudges eats at your soul. I do my best to not do either one!!!!

I am currently studying for 3 tests this week, so I need to get to that!! Just thought I would take some more time to gather my thoughts and get this set up to go for tomorrow! Have lots to do tomorrow so I am sure I will have lots to write about!!!! I also have to get my articles up on www.highspeedmag.com before DJ my editor strangles me!! LOLOL!! Check out the mag...it is really awesome! So proud of DJ for seeing his dream through to fruition...I hope to follow in his footsteps and see my dream of becoming a doctor in genetics at least SOMETIME in teh future....

Speaking of mayhem...Michaelah and Jaxon...who are supposed to be asleep....just spilled water in Jaxons bed!! Ugh...I will post tomorrow about some of the stuff they pulled this weekend..OMGosh I think there must have been a full moon I ddin't know about!! LOLOL!!

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I am going to enjoy writing about it!!! Please give me some feedback if you follow it...it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Off for now!!
Good night all...pleasant dreams!!!
Mommy Mayhem

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