Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Todays Question: Kids activities...how much is TOO much? When to let them "quit"?

Good morning fellow bloggers!!

I thought I would start todays blog off with 2 questions that have surfaced in my life in the last week. 1) How many activities are TOO many activities for kids today and 2) When to let them "quit"?

The first question surfaced with both my eldest son, James David, and my daughter, Michaelah. Michaelah is in cheerleading right now, which is pretty time consuming itself! Of course, I am approaching this question from the standpoint also that I have FOUR kids, THREE of whom are extremely active! Michaelah wanted to join dance again this year also. More money (which is a whole other issue), more practices, more commitments! I put my foot down and said cheerleading was enough for now...when it was over we would find something else to do! How would you handle it if you were in my shoes?

This also leads me to my son James David....who is a freshman in high school this year. He has played football all through Junior High and was also in band. This year he chose to do only band and NO football! I was heartbroken at first! I was sooo looking forward to those friday night lights!! But, we had several long talks about it and he thought both would be too much and wanted to do just band this year. He has also told me too that he wants to join theater and try out for the fall production and One Act Play! When he told me that I realized one thing...he is MY son after all!! He is sooo following in my footsteps. So, I gave him a hug and said I was proud of him for making a grown up decision and supported him 100%! I would still be enjoying those friday night lights....and the halftime show is going to rock! In the end, he does still want to play sports...just not football. This year he plans on playing basketball and golf...and possibly baseball. He is old enough to make his own decisions for sure! I guess I need to remember that one......

So, how do YOU make decisions like these in your home?? I am really looking forward to some input on this one as this is something I struggle with everytime the seasons/sports change.

until we blog again!!!
Mommy Mayhem

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